Joyful is the Saanen beauty queen that started us on our journey in raising dairy goats. She is tough and certainly knows her spot in the pecking order – at the very top. Though she gives the rest of the herd a hard time, she always shows a calm, eager-to-please temperament toward us. Saanen’s originated in the Saanen Vally of Switzerland and they are the largest breed of dairy goat. They also produce, on average, the most milk of any other dairy goat breed. At her peek production, she gives over a gallon a day! Which is what brought us to first start making goat milk soap.


Sandy is our American Lamancha. Her and her doeling, Charlie, are the crowd pleasers with their stunning colors and calm, yet curious attitudes. Lamancha’s aren’t everyone’s favorite breed considering their tiny ears, but trust me when I say, these goats will steal your heart!


Can’t forget the honeybees! We currently have four hives on our property to pollinate our surrounding area and produce delicious honey! Once a year we collect the sweet, golden goodness and whatever wax is left over gets rendered down to use for our Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm.