Our Story

In 2014, Brandon and I (Courtney) fearlessly entered the hobby farm community, welcoming just about any animal we could get our hands on. It started with chickens, ducks, and pigeons. Then came rabbits, pigs, honeybees, and dairy goats. In the midst of all that, we also started a large garden and had two children of our own, Bruce and Rose. Everyday is a learning experience for all of us. The homesteading lifestyle hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been rewarding in the end. We have found, there is a very humbling appreciation and beauty behind raising and growing our own!

Miracle, left. Joyful, right.

September, 2017 was when Joyful and Miracle became a wonderful opportunity for us. We had no idea what to expect, but friends of ours where getting out of the diary goat business and we thought, “Why not?”. They were both strong, sweet, and uplifting new additions to our small farm.

Then, a week later, we found Sandy. She was so cute – and the pen was already set up, so again, why not?! This odd looking American Lamancha found the sweet spot in our hearts and took it.

This was the very first time I ever milked Joyful. Sept. 1st, 2017.

Joyful was in milk when we bought her, so the milking routine started right away! That first night was quite the experience considering both Brandon and I had never milked a goat before. Soon enough, we got the hang of it and this goat did not stop producing! We were so overwhelmed with milk, getting up to a gallon a day at one point! So, I started making ice cream, cajeta (caramel), and goat milk soap. (We would still like to try making cheese, but it’s a busy life and we haven’t gotten that far yet!)

…but a tragic experience approached with our first spring. We lost Miracle to a birthing complication. It came out of nowhere and scared us to think goats might not be a good fit for us. One month later though, Joyful surprised us with two healthy kids. A week later, Sandy surprised us with Charlie. Both births were completely unassisted and 100% successful. Then suddenly, we were hooked.

Next thing we knew, we were setting up our first farmers market stand. It was a great way to get out and meet more like-minded people in our community. Then, with encouragement from family, friends, and new customers, we worked hard to reach even more people and start shipping our products.

Our first farmers market stand! May, 2018.

So now, here we are, selling Homemade Goat Milk Soap. Soap that we use daily on ourselves and our children. Soap that is free of chemicals and ingredients we don’t know how to pronounce. Soap that we trust, and believe in. Soap that we want to share with you!

-Courtney Lee & Brandon McClure