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Pea milk soap?

I know, you’re wondering “why?”, right?

You may have heard of other plant milks, such as coconut milk, almond milk, and maybe even cashew milk, but pea milk? Sounds strange. I didn’t know it was a thing until about a year ago and never tried it until about eight months ago. I was shocked at it’s complete lack of pea flavor and happily surprised to read about all it’s nutritious benefits! (High in protein, branched-chain amino acids, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, and more!) Long story short – my family and I, now drink it regularly in place of cows milk or goats milk. I am not a vegan, so I wont pressure you with all the details or encourage you to switch your diet. Dairy milk is great, but plant milk is just as good.

Recently we stopped milking Joyful and Sandy because it’s breeding season. Fun fact: A stinky buck makes for stinky milk. Yes. Their musk is so strong it taints the does milk. Anyways, I’m getting low on my frozen goat milk supply, so until next kidding season I thought I’d try something new! A vegan/plant based soap!

I had been researching what it takes to make your own pea milk and decided to try it. It didn’t take much, split peas, some sweeteners, a dash of oil, and water. I held off on most of the sweeteners, adding only a teaspoon of honey, and because soap is made with a lot of oil I left that out completely. I didn’t intend to drink a whole glass of it, I mostly just wanted to make soap out of it. Therefore, the little bit of pea flavor it had wasn’t a big deal. It was comparable to a very bland, watery, unflavored split pea soup. If I were to make this for us to drink I would definitely add more sweeteners, use yellow peas, and strain it more thoroughly.

Enough reading, lets get to the making process. First, I rinsed and cooked the split peas.

Then, put them into a blender with 4 cups of water and a teaspoon of honey.

Next, I began straining the mixture to get it as smooth as I could.

After straining it several times, the consistency was just right for what I needed it for. I poured it right into some ice cube trays and waited a few hours.

Later that same night, I decided to makes some soap with my new plant milk! It was very weird at first. The lye changed the green ice cubes into a deep orange color. Then, it changed from a liquidy mixture to a much thicker mixture – nothing like the lye and goat milk. Odd, but I went with it!

I finished the soap making process and poured my soap into the molds to cool. Now this next part was the most strange… when it cooled, it turned green again!!! Very light green, but still not what I expected at all! Whatever the color though, I was excited to try the new soap! After waiting a couple weeks, I did just that. I love it! The pea milk gave the bar that same creamy lather the goat milk does and it was an all around very mild, cleansing bar of soap.

Soon this product will be available in our online shop! For now, we are including FREE samples in every order – that is, until they’re gone! So order soon to receive yours!

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!