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Welcoming 2019

Along with the new year comes new goals, personal and business related. Last year, I struggled finding my niche in the soap making world. I saw businesses that strictly focused on soap, very pretty pictures and wonderful combinations of scents and colors. Some that focused on many different skin care products and others that focused on homesteading and natural health. All of them had a theme or a style different from the next. I never really felt like I found ours though. My very busy mind had tons of ideas, but a hard time focusing on what direction to take them.

My initial thought was, because we’re selling soap, our pictures needed to be clean and fresh.. but as the year went on, I realized what we do is not always “clean and fresh” – because making soap isn’t the only thing we do around here. In fact, making soap is a very small part of what we do around here.

Tending to our small farm comes first and it takes up a huge part of every day. It is dirty! Really dirty sometimes! Taking all these nice pictures is fun and I love sharing them, but I want to share the hard and not so pretty moments too! So, this is my vow to change the direction of our business. We want to be informative and really show you guys what we are doing here – outside of making luxurious goat milk soap for you!